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A word from President Derrick Howard

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My dear constituents, I never would have imagined after 20 years of you asking and wanting to know why Respiratory Therapist can’t have a personalized plate for our state? We listened and several efforts were put forth. Trust me, it has not been an easy journey. We have been diligently through this process for almost 5 months. We have worked very hard to get this process to this point.


For a personalized license plate for a professional organization, we had to do two things: first we had to get legislators approval to begin the process. Then, we had to design a plate that the Revenue Department would approve for our organization to have printed.


Designing a license plate that would meet the criteria for their approval was not an easy matter and they offered very little assistance. But again, with the hard work of your society, a design was approved for printing a plate for us.


With a lot of hard work, both of these criteria have been accomplished. Now the burden of responsibility lies on us. We need 300 therapists to prepay the $33 to purchase their plates to show we are serious about wanting a personalized plate. After we purchase the first 300, the Respiratory Therapy plate will be available for all the Respiratory Therapist throughout the state of Mississippi.

Howard Derrick
Mississippi Society for Respiratory Care

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